Friday, December 23, 2011

Supposed proof of Ron Paul's white supremacist past?

12/23/2011:  American politics is buzzing today Ron Paul's alleged racist newsletters from the 1990's.  As reported on CNN and other news outlets, pundits claim that the news letters call for a nation-wide "race war", while the Paul campaign claim that these letters were written by a ghostwriter who is no longer associated with Ron Paul.  This is not actually a new story, as this topic was also covered during Ron Paul's previous bid for president in 2008.  Today Unofficial Version Magazine will show copies of the actual pages of the newsletter that are in question.  While in this writer's opinion, there are no specific references to white supremacist rhetoric (the implication of non-Aryan races as being physically and intellectually inferior), the newsletters are, at worst, conspiratorial and paranoid ramblings.  These images of the newsletter, taken from an anti-Paul blog (Ron Paul Survivial Report) were posted to reinforce the argument that Paul is a racist.  While not irrefutable proof, and the writings are quite open to interpretation, the term "race war" is used.  Whether it is used to incite violence against minorities is strictly a matter of opinion.  Below are the writings in question:

"Race war" comment. A "federal homosexual cover-up on AIDS" is also mentioned.
Could "race war" pertain to the conspiratorial idea that the government promotes racism and polarization to distract the populace from the real pressing issues of the day?

Classical conspiracy theorist rhetoric
Assertions that Martin Luther King was a rapist and pedophile and a mention of "Trilateralists".  See also headings "Executive Orders", "Our Public Schools", and "Government Promoted Promiscuity".

Ron Paul's Signature
The bottom of the page shows what appears to be the signature of the Texas congressman and Republican presidential candidate.

Speculation from the Paul campaign suggests that this is a smear campaign from either the Obama campaign or one of his republican rivals.  Unofficial Version Magazine leaves it to the reader to decide whether or not this is proof that Ron Paul is a white supremacist.  We will present our opinions, when appropriate, but leave it ultimately to the reader to decide.  Our coverage of news and politics will be handled with an unwavering policy of non-partisanship and objectivity, and this policy will remain a centerpiece to all issues to come.
J. Frederick, Editor

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