Friday, December 23, 2011

Product Placement Continues On Local News With Nike Jordan Shoes Release

Perhaps you have seen the chaos that ensued late last night with the release of the Nike Jordan Concord shoes.  According to various local news reports nationwide, there were scuffles between shoppers and in some cases police and private security guards, sometimes involving pepper spray and physical assault.  The story behind the story here is the use of local news outlets as advertising for Nike.  The fact that local news outlets nationwide covered this story while national news organizations such as the cable news networks largely ignored this event (as shown in the above image from a Google search) illustrates this.  This advertising strategy is exposed in an article from 7/22/08 on The Huffington Post:  Product Placement Comes To TV News.
J. Frederick, Editor

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  1. Mass hysteria for holiday Jordan releases. Sounds familiar