Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Confused populace in Nebraska favor one war, oppose another

"WASHINGTON — Nebraskans are eager for U.S. troops to leave Afghanistan, but that doesn't mean they've turned into a bunch of peaceniks.

In fact, nearly two-thirds of the state is ready to bomb Iran to stop that country from developing a nuclear weapon, according to The World-Herald Poll."

That was the beginning of a front page article today in the Omaha World Herald entitled Nebraskans are tired of Afghan war but would support attacking Iran if necessary.  The article shows the disturbing blind patriotism which has afflicted our nation since the George W. Bush administration.  This is hardly a surprise in one of the most staunchly republican states in the union, though a CBS News poll from May 2012 shows a small majority of Americans nationwide favor attacking the oil rich Middle Eastern nation.  Clearly the populace must be further educated about the dangerous and suicidal nature of American foreign policy.  Even in the pro-preemptive attack white paper, Weighing the Costs and Benefits of Military Action Against Iran, the authors admit "All this said, a unilateral attack by the United States would still come under heavy international criticism. And the potential for costly retaliation by Iran—direct and indirect—would not be significantly reduced under circumstances of greater certainty about whether Iran is actually building a bomb."  We at Unofficial Version magazine implore our readers to support the anti-war effort more now than ever to avoid this inevitably disastrous war.

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