Friday, August 31, 2012

"Voting won't get you what you want, but you may as well do it."

Editorial by J. Frederick

What you’re about to read is little more than a rant, and stream of conscience diatribe on the 2012 election for POTUS.  Ever since G.W. Bush ran against Al Gore and John Kerry, and Obama vs McCain, I have become increasingly disenfranchised with the American political process.  The republicans, in election after election, have been giving us different version of the same old backwards Christian fundamentalist white guy.  Even now with Mitt Romney, it’s more of the same.  Anyone who argues that Mormonism isn’t a Christian sect doesn’t understand religion.  The democrats have given us the same soft “revolutionary”, guys who talk big, but don’t have the cojones to do anything significant.  Democrats would of course argue that Obama is a revolutionary, with his Affordable Health Care Act (a.k.a. “Obamacare”) supposedly guaranteeing health care for all Americans.  The republicans also think it’s revolutionary, but the kind of revolution that Lenin and Mao had (bad), not the kind that Jefferson, Franklin, and Washington led (good).  Look at it closely, and it’s neither.  It’s a pat on the back to the health care and insurance industries, and more bureaucratic hoops to jump through.  Obama’s only accomplishment is being a minority and getting elected president in a country that is only slightly less racist than South Africa (who elected their first black president in the 1990’s, even though apartheid ended only four short years before Mandela’s election).  I don’t need to get into Kerry or Gore, who together are more boring than a “manila envelope pinned to a beige wall”, to paraphrase Stephen Colbert.

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